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Fussilet Vakfı
To Compete in Goodness

About Us

The Fussilet Kur’an-ı Anlama, Anlatma ve Yardım Vakfı

On May 2, 2011; Turkey’s most watched on Islamic platform, we started with Fussilet Quran Center our journey and also we added the Fussilet Vakfı as of January 26, 2020. As a Fussilet Vakfı for “Quran understand, tell and charity” “The fussilet Quran Center” understanding to listening to billions of people and exciting way to watch. We will continue our works with our videos that Quran-Meal in different languages.

Now, you too. The most important and the most valuable duty of Islam is notification works with your donations and you can be a partner for big favor.

We can change the world together. We gonna change the world and you can be with us together. Let’s meet at the Fussilet Vakfı for compete in favor.

Our success is with the help of Allah.

The fussilet Quran Center

Since 2011, Turkey and a first in the world, Translation of the Quran reading with %100 simultaneous and we was imagery from all over the world without leaving a single piece of land and fussilet Quran Center watched by hundreds of billions of people within the Fussilet Vakfı.

We give opportunies for the Quran understanding to listening, exciting way to watch and we struggle.


The Fussilet Vakfı, Turkish Quran-Meal videos are preparing with The fussilet Quran Center in many languages.

We have prepare videos on website and our YouTube channels and our videos reach hundreds of million of people everyday with over many national and local satellite channels.

Also our followers can download; “Quran Video Download” from over page. It’s free and you can load like mobile devices telephone or tablet so you can watch free without internet everytime and everywhere.

And also, we will invite “most loved and well-know hafiz” at country in the world from time to time. And we will organize various Quran programs.

Now, we will organize help activities for deliver goodness everywhere.

The Name of Our Foundation

The Fussilet Vakfı’s takes its name from the term; “Fussilet-Explained” in the third verse of Fussilet.

We will work for that; Allah said: “ Clear Book” and became a guide for humanity. We will deliver it in the languages they understand and exciting way to.

The Videos Meal Sources

 The videos of the Quran in English-Meal on our channel were prepared with the translation of Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall.